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Cozy Up to a Good Night’s Sleep Thanks to Our Mattress Store

As beautiful as a bed frame is, it’s all for nothing if you don’t have the right mattress. That’s why Chicago’s premier mattress store offers the finest selection of state-of-the-art memory foam and hybrid mattresses (gel and foam girded by firm springs), all made in the USA, to budget-conscious shoppers like you. We specialize in American mattress brands such as Sealy and Sierra Sleep, and we price all of our brands with your finances in mind, because mattressesare crucial to your health.

Why You Need the Right Mattress

The doctors and scientists tell us we spend a third of our life sleeping, necessary for your body to repair itself and for your mind to work at peak performance. In your deepest sleep, REM, your body’s muscles completely give over its support to the right mattress, and your mind has the chance to go on rewind and think things through, commonly called dreaming. Without these conditions, your brain and muscles never completely recover from the day’s stress. Not only are you no longer at the top of your game the next day but this cumulatively erodes your health.

The Latest in Memory Foam Mattresses

Your health is why you need to replace your mattress at least once every 10 years. American Comfort Furniture & Mattress Discount is here to help you with the latest in memory foam and hybrid mattress technology, in twin, twin XL, fullqueen, king, and California king sizes, plus a selection of toppings to add even more comfort: Extra Firm, Plush, or Ultra Plush Comforts. Since its origin in the space program, memory foam has both become wildly popular and immensely improved as manufacturers listened to your feedback and employed scientific solutions. For example, our memory foam models have just enough “give” to contour itself PERFECTLY to your body’s shape, fully supporting it. Plus, at the molecular level, our new memory foam mattresses “breathe” with enough airflow that you will never be uncomfortably hot! When you try out one of our mattresses, you’ll feel why now a third of new mattresses in America use this material.

Yes, You CAN Afford a Good Mattress!

Come to our Chicago, IL mattress showroom to feel for yourself how relaxing a new memory foam or hybrid mattress is, then sleep even better knowing how much you saved!